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iPhone Touch Screen Solutions By Apple Phone Repair

One thing that iPhone users usually have to face is that the touchpad stops working properly. This is very frustrating and also wastes a lot of time. But not anymore because we have got your back. In this article, we will talk about some great tips that you can keep in mind for fixing your iPhone touchscreen problems. Or hire professional Apple phone repair in Naples to get this problem resolved. Consider Moriso Wireless for your iPhone repair needs because we are experts in repairing all iPhone models efficiently. Moreover, our service quality is up to international standards and you won’t regret hiring us for your phone repair. Let us know your iPhone issues and we will fix them for you at a very affordable cost.

Solution To Fix iPhone Touch By Apple Phone Repair

You can fix your iPhone touchscreen issue by force restarting your iPhone. Also, you can try cleaning and drying the screen to resume the screen performance. Another solution is to disconnect any accessories that you have connected to the USB and the lightning port of your iPhone to see if the problem has been resolved. Moreover, remove the screen protector and then see if you can use your screen normally or not. Another solution is to update your phone or factory reset your device to get help with this problem. Or hire Apple phone repair service in Naples for this job.

Force Restart Your iPhone

The best solution to fix your screen issue is to restart your phone forcefully. For this power of your phone use the side button until a slider appears on your screen. Slide the slider to switch off your iPhone. Let your phone stay off for a few minutes. Then turn it on again by pressing and holding the same power button. With the help of restarting the process, temporary glitches can be removed from the phone’s memory. As a result, it might help you with the restoration of an unresponsive screen.

Clean And Dry The Screen

Sometimes your iPhone screen can also stop responding due to dust and dirt accumulation on it. Moreover, a capacitive touch screen is installed in iPhone that uses fingertip sensing with the help of electrical conductance to perform tasks. This means that if there is dirt on your screen your phone will not read your tasks properly. Moreover, liquid and moisture accumulation on the screen can also interfere with the screen performance. Get help from a cell phone repair expert in Naples for an efficient screen cleaning process.

Disconnect Any Accessories From The USB Or Lightning Port

Sometimes any accessory that is plugged into the lightning port of your phone can interfere with the performance of your touch screen. So make sure you unplug the accessory and then try using your screen to see if the problem has been resolved or not. This includes anything like a charger or a power bank. If your issue is resolved this way this means that the accessory that you have plugged in is not compatible with your device.

Remove The Screen Protector

Another solution to restore your screen performance is to remove the screen protector. If you are using a very thick screen protector on your screen it might interfere with the performance of your screen. As it makes it difficult for the screen sensors to sense your finger’s electrical capacitance. Make sure you remove the screen protector carefully and see if the problem has been resolved or not. Visit iPhone screen repair places and ask them to remove the screen protector for you.

Update Your Phone

You can also fix the phone screen issue by updating your iPhone in recovery mode. First of all, connect your device to a computer and launch iTunes. For Mac OS 10.5 or higher use Finder instead. For iPhone users press the volume up, volume down and side button one after the other. For iPhone 7 users press the volume down and side buttons at once. For other iPhone models press and hold the side button and the home button simultaneously. Release the buttons after you see the Recovery Mode screen. Click on Update.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

You can also factory reset your iPhone to fix the unresponsive screen issue. One thing to keep in mind before factory resetting your device is to back up your data. The factory setting will remove all the data from your phone. Take help from an iPhone Repair store to do the factory reset process for you safely.


Hopefully, these tips will help you with fixing your iPhone screen problem efficiently. If you are still unable to get the desired results it is better to get professional help from Apple phone repair in Naples instead of damaging your iPhone even more. Visit Moriso Wireless Store to get this problem resolved. You can also reach out to us for your iPhone repair needs. We have been serving in this industry for years now and know how to fix your iPhone efficiently. You can hand over your iPhone to us without any stress because our expert team will fix all the problems safely and efficiently.